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How do I apply for the One-Shot Deal?

You need to go to an HRA office (Job Center) to apply for the One-Shot Deal. To find your local office, call 311 or go to the HRA website.

You will meet with a case worker who will review your documents and make a follow-up appointment with you. You will also have to meet with the Bureau of Eligibility Verification.

HRA uses several factors to determine whether you will have to pay back the money. Those who do not have to pay HRA back include:
  • SSI recipients.
  • People receiving four months of rent or less.
  • People with children in the household who show good reason for falling behind on rent.
Those who may have to pay back at least part of the payment:
  • People receiving more than four months of rent.
  • Public Assistance recipients (money will be recouped from your cash assistance).
  • People without children in the household.
  • People without a good reason for falling behind on rent.
What do I Need to Bring?
To apply for this benefit, you will need:
  • Photo ID
  • Lease or rent bill
  • Housing court papers
  • Proof of income
  • Social security cards for all household members
If you dont have regular pay stubs to prove your income, see alternatives here.

The needed documents section lists all the forms and documents you can use to prove your household's income, resources, where you live, your social security number, your citizenship or immigration status, etc.

Look Out
  • It is best to go to the HRA offices early in the morning, because there is usually a line. If you go later in the day you may not get seen.
  • If you have no income when you go to apply for the One-Shot Deal, you should apply for other HRA-administered benefits while at the office (Food Stamps, Medicaid, Cash Assistance).