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New York State Non-Custodial Parent Earned Income Credit (NYS NCP EIC)

Are you working and paying child support? Want to pay less tax and even get money back from the government?

Quick Facts
What is it?
New York State now offers the Earned Income Credit (EIC) for non-custodial parents who are paying child support. Fathers who previously may not have qualified for the EIC because they did not live with their child/children can now benefit from the expanded EIC.

What do I get?
You can get cash back from the government as part of your yearly tax return. Be advised: If you have missed payments for previous years’ child support, your tax refund will go directly to pay child support.

The EITC is fully refundable, which means that you can get more money back from the government than you actually paid in taxes throughout the year. For example, let's say you qualify for a credit of $200; even if you owe less than $200 in taxes, you can still get the full $200 refunded to you.

Look Out
For information about other Fatherhood programs, contact a community organization near you: Workforce 1 Career Center (Harlem), Citizens Advice Bureau (Bronx), Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation (Washington Heights), St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation Corporation (Brooklyn).