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Do my children qualify for Free or Reduced Price Meals?

Your children qualify for free or reduced price meals if:
  • they are attending a New York City public school

  • their family's monthly income is equal to or below the limit for their family size in the table below
Free and Reduced Meal Program Income Limits
family size monthly income annual income
1 $1,670 $20,036
2 $2,247 $26,955
3 $2,823 $33,874
4 $3,400 $40,793
5 $3,976 $47,712
6 $4,553 $54,631
7 $5,130 $61,550
8 $5,706 $68,469
for each additional person, add +$577 +$6,919
These income limits are subject to change and will increase slightly every year. For the most recent income limits, click here.

For example, if your household income is $1,517 per month or your less and family size is 2 (meaning that only you and your child live in your home), your child is eligible for a free lunch. Let's say you are a family of four and your household income is equal or less than $3,269 per month, your child is eligible for a reduced-price lunch.

Look Out
Your income and family size will determine whether your child can get free or reduced price meals. Reduced priced meals are $.25 and full-priced meals are $1.50. The amount of money you pay for your child(ren)'s meals does not determine what meal they will receive. All meals are the same.